Domain Lookup: Your Feedback

Holy moly. The response to my Domain Lookup for Firefox tool has been staggering.

The tool hit 1,000+ active users in a little over two weeks thanks to blog writeups, forum threads and StumbleUpon. That’s before I’d had a chance to start any “real” (read: planned and paid-for) marketing.

I’ve had a few dozen emails from users saying they love the tool. A handful have asked about a tip jar. At the moment, all the tool’s downloads are driven by word of mouth recommendation. So instead of a tip, perhaps you’d consider:

  • Blogging about the tool
  • Sharing it on your favourite social media site
  • Sharing it on your favourite geek forum
  • Telling your webmaster, SEO and domainer friends
  • Adding it to your email signature

If you *really* want to give me something, I have an Amazon Wishlist. Thanks for your kind words and support.

There’ll be an early April auto-update adding new registrars that users have requested (please tell me your if your favourite is MIA). Don’t forget to subscribe to my RSS feed or email alerts to keep up to date.

PS. If you’ve not yet tried Domain Lookup for Firefox yourself, it takes mere seconds to install and is guaranteed to turn you into a millionaire domainer overnight*.

(* Possibly untrue.)

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