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The Story Behind The Site (And The Domain)

There’s two parts to the history of the site: DEC & the domain name, and our website.

DEC was born in 1957, but the company didn’t purchase the domain name until 1993.

Here’s a brief timeline of DEC and the domain name.

  • DEC pioneered minicomputers in the 1960s and 1970s.
  • In 1995, DEC launched AltaVista, one of the internet’s first search engines
  • DEC was then acquired by Compaq in 1998
  • Compaq was itself acquired by HP in 2002
  • AltaVista was sold to Yahoo in 2003, but HP retained the domain
  • In 2010, HP tried to sell the domain, but failed to meet price expectations
  • In 2014, Quality Nonsense Ltd purchased at auction via Heritage Auctions.

The purchase was one of the top 20 domain sales of 2014. You can see the auction listing page here.

The website that you see today started life as, which began in 2015. We acquired Review Squirrel in 2017, and rebranded to the current current version

Our focus is currently in three services for small businesses:

Our site scores product and services by crunching data from real users – not just our experts. We monitor companies we write about on Twitter, and analyze comments that people write to them.

After filtering out the neutral comments, our algorithm calculates an overall rating based on the ratio of positive to negative results.

This detailed analysis is included at the end of each review, and often contains over 1,000 user comments: sentiment reviews

Here are the review pages for some of our top rated web hosts:

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Date published

12 October, 2018