The History of

A domain like was always going to have a long history.

However, the premium domain has largely been dormant until 2017, dormant or for sale for much of the last three decades.

In 2015, the previous owner launched a forum for any topic related to the word “down”. forum

We acquired the domain in 2017, and relaunched the domain as a tool to checks if a website is actually down – or if it’s just your internet connection. current version

We also acquired HostBenchmarker, which served as the basis for our web hosting section on

We monitor ten popular web hosts for uptime, speed, support times, and more. Here’s a list:-

Each host has a detailed review page where they can view this data through a variety of charts and tables. detailed review

This type of host review is great for most experienced web developers and website owners looking for a new host.

As Seen In… in the press has been mentioned on thousands of websites. Here is a short list of the most notable mentions:

  • SFGate
  • Ycombinator
  • Chron
  • Avast
  • Denver Post


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Date published

12 October, 2018