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The site has become a reference for many other sites and writers, and has over 357,000 words published.

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The History of has roots back in 2002, originally under the domain name in 2005The original site was intended to be a quick reference site for HTML tags and attributes.

It wasn’t pretty, but contained quality tutorials and reference pages for HTML users.

As the site grew, it made sense to add additional types of content in the form of CSS help and a forum.

The first major redesign took place in 2006:- in 2006

The site didn’t change much for many years aside from the busy forum.

It wasn’t until we acquired that significant changes occurred.

One of the biggest changes occurred in 2016, where we rebranded the site to – a 24 year old domain name acquired from Red Hat engineer Keith Basil. Keith had owned the domain for decades – in fact, since registration. current design

The design has been updated with a modern WordPress theme, and all content has been kept updated.

The HTML references were updated to be HTML5 compliant, and we published several in-depth web development guides. In addition, we added several hosting guides geared specifically towards developers. is now known for its in-depth resources, like our monster HTML5 cheat sheet:


This is in addition to our complete list of HTML5 tags, along with brief summaries, and a similar collection of popular tag attributes.

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12 October, 2018