Making a basic website is still more complicated than it should be.

That’s why Website Builders exists: to publish content for people who want to make a website the easiest way possible – using a website builder.

There’s 480,000+ words of content published on the site.

The History of

We acquired the domain in 2017 from John Napoletano, owner of Website Builders LLC.

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Our reviews show a behind-the-scenes look at website builders in action, and are written so that nearly anyone can understand them.

Here are some of our most popular website builder reviews:

The site is alo known for our extensive list of HTML character codes, and website glossary, both of which are useful for web development beginners.

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Despite being relatively new, several high profile sites have linked to various content on our site.

This includes:

  • Library of Congress


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Date published

12 October, 2018