Website & Domain Acquisitions

We are always in the market for high-quality websites & premium domain names. Specifically:-

  • Premium .COM domain names (ie, 1-2 word dictionary domains)
  • Websites for webmasters
  • Websites about web hosting
  • Tools for webmasters

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Would An Offer Look Like?

We’ll ask for a few key datapoints to make an initial offer:-

  • Financials: gross revenue, costs & profit
  • Traffic: visits, page views etc via Google Analytics access

Unlike many buyers in 2018, we’re a cash buyer, we don’t do debt, seldom do earn outs and – best of all – we have no outside investors to answer to.

This means we can – and do – move lightening fast.

Q: What’s The Sale Process?

Once we agree a price, we’ll need to some basic due diligence.

We’re an experienced buyer. We’ve negotiated many dozens of deals (some small, some big), and can promise to make the process low stress and efficient. Once we agree a price, we will complete in days, not months.

Q: What About Paperwork?

We’ll provide a simple contract to cover the sale and transfer of your website/domain and associated assets. For larger deals, our legal team are highly experienced working with technology businesses. This ensures the legal side of a transaction is as painless as possible.


Looking to sell? Please get in touch here.