Jason Calacanis: My Big Mouth

Jason Calacanis, Weblogs Inc. founder and ex-AOL tea boy big shot, announced today that:

“SEO is bullshit, if you generate a web page with good content Google will rank the page properly.”

[Source: Threadwatch]

Surprise, surprise, Calacanis’ boil-in-the-bag ‘controversial’ comments at Search Engine Strategies Chicago have riled a fair few feathers. Just look at the comments from SEOs on the Threadwatch, SEO Blackhat and Graywolf posts.

But – as with AOL boss Ted Leonsis‘s recent comments – perhaps it is really a case of linkbait for linkbait’s sake? Or should that be drinkbait? No – hang on – hatbait. Either way, expect to see an SEO contract hit on Calacanis’ name as a keyword.

Update: Graywolf is there first…

Jason Calacanis PPC ad c/o Graywolf

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