Remote Team

Our sites, like &, reach millions of users.

We’re headquartered in London, but staffed with a remote team of talented people across several continents.

(We’d rather find the right person in the wrong place, than vice versa)

Who Works For us?

We work with a remote team of contractors in dozens of countries all over the world: from the UK, to Bosnia to Canada to Australia. We continue to grow at a fast rate, and are looking for more writers to join our team to keep up the pace of growth.

Our team is varied. We have a grumpy physics PhD, an idealistic MBA with a side hustle in Hollywood, and a hyperactive former greyhound racing gambler (or so he says).

We have wonderful people that have worked for some of the world’s biggest technology companies. And we have exceptional people who have only ever worked for us.

We aren’t looking for clones. But everyone who works for us shares a handful of key attributes:

  • Well organized & rock steady reliable;
  • You have a passion for all things Internet
  • You’re take pride in creating quality work
  • You’re self-motivated – even when there’s no one around to look over your shoulder. In fact, you prefer the freedom of working remotely and creating your own schedule.
  • You know your way around online tools like WordPress, Gmail, Google Docs, Asana, Dropbox… or can figure them out pretty quickly.

If that sounds like you, then we’d love to chat.

Flexible Schedule

We have no permanent office. All our team work from home, or form co-working spaces.

We’re located in dozens of countries around the world, which means dozens of time zones. We use a few common tools to make that work.

We don’t micro-manage. We provide projects or tasks with descriptions including due dates and requirements. There is sometimes communication back and forth (Asana is great for this).

How Do We Work?

We use tools like:

  • Gmail
  • Google Docs
  • Asana
  • WordPress
  • Skype
  • Slack

Interested in Joining Our Remote Team?

Here’s where you’ll find our remote jobs.