35 Discarded Web 2.0 Domain Names

Web 2.0 Badges

There’s more to Web 2.0 than pointless AJAX, gratuitous gradient fills, and inexplicable invite-only betas. And I don’t mean getting a gushing TechCrunch writeup before you’ve got a business plan.

Any Web 2.0 startup worth it’s $15 billion valuation needs a brandable domain name. Something that’s available to register and sounds deep while meaning precisely zip.

Where to begin? Choosing a decent domain for your Boo.com-on-a-budget is a tough racket.

Relax. My company is not called Quality Nonsense Ltd for nothing. Sit back and get your folksonomies around these brandable Web 2.0 domain names.

I’ll relinquish all rights in exchange for a mere 1% equity stake in your world-class social-shopping-meets-Google-Maps meta-mashup.

(At the time of writing, these domains are all available. I buy my domains at Moniker, I highly recommend you splash some of that VC cash burning a hole in your pocket their way.)

  • ChillSuit.com
  • Bongari.com
  • WarmCuts.com
  • EarlyApples.com
  • PoisonedChalis.com
  • ClickyBump.com
  • WhaPop.com
  • DemonPanda.com
  • Katsoja.com
  • ZoomClimb.com
  • ApeNinja.com
  • Wikihog.com
  • Xjojox.com
  • Instadeath.com
  • Redivided.com
  • TheNonExistanceOfGod.com
  • TimeTravellingJesus.com
  • DeExist.com
  • MoreFoolMe.com
  • Autobesity.com
  • Bumbra.com
  • HowToBeUnique.com
  • Archetypically.com
  • Necessarium.com
  • ElectroBeatbox.com
  • Slowcality.com
  • FlyRiffs.com
  • WhyReadaBook.com
  • Hat3r.com
  • OneCarefulPwnr.com
  • Assassinologist.com
  • ManifestOcean.com
  • ChatterXL.com
  • Shuntster.com
  • DazzleBeat.com

(NB. Illustration c/o Web20badges.com).

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