Affiliate Marketing for Beginners


I was talking about my baby steps in affiliate marketing last week.

It were nowt but fields at, you could get 10 AdWords clicks to the dollar and still have change left over to buy a hyphenated .info domain.

[Apologies to readers outside the UK for the laboured Brit-centric gag].

Joking aside – it was tough to know where to begin.

It’s not that I couldn’t find advice online. Quite the opposite – I found more forums, blogs, ebooks, PDFs and autoresponders than I could read in a lifetime.

Plus precisely zero quality control – and there was no shortage of shonky rich quick schemes.

Bottom line: it was next-to-impossible to know which sources could be trusted.

I was chatting to a new affiliate earlier this year, and it sounds like not much has changed.

That’s why I think Affiliate Window Academy – a training day for newbies – is a great idea:

February saw the first ever AW affiliate training day take place, we received some great feedback from participants and so, as planned, the course will now run every eight weeks. We are pleased to announce that the next event will take place on Monday 20th April, at our offices in Tower Hill.

The half-day training course has been specifically created for ‘novice’ affiliates; to be eligible to attend you must have generated a minimum of £25 in commission since joining the network. The course consists of five seminar sessions introducing techniques to help you increase your earning potential through Affiliate Window.

Contact hayley [dot] short [at] affiliatewindow [dot] com to put your name down.

PS. Nickycakes’ newbie guide to affiliate marketing looks like a good starting point for affiliates outside London/UK.

  • Joe says:

    I forgot about this! I’ve now made £25 in AffWin so perhaps I can attend the next session.

    Have you heard anything back from those that attended?

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