Any Questions?

My new years resolutions for 2011….

#1: Blog more often.

#2: Steal John Lamertons’ Ask Lammo feature.

You see, I love blogging – but I lack inspiration.

I’m not interested in writing about the same old nonsense you hear across the SEO blog echo chamber (‘Will Google penalize me…‘) or affiliate forums (‘When will Mark Pearson finally realise that…‘).

Like Lyndon at Cornwall SEO, all that bores me & I don’t blog to pick up clients.

What I want is to hear your questions on…

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Buying/selling websites
  • Dabbling in domains
  • PPC
  • Organic Search

In short: any topic I might have both experience and opinions on – provided that it’s not been done to death elsewhere.

  • What one thing would help you take your sites to the next level?
  • What insider secret can you not get anybody to spill the beans on?
  • Why the hell should you brainstorm blog post ideas for me?

Wait – not that last one…

Ask away via my contact form or @QualityNonsense on Twitter. If I can’t answer it, I’ll tell you. If I can answer it, I’ll blog about it.

Be sure to give me your site’s URL, so I can give it a plug, too.

Then go join Easy Content Units to make up for me pinching John’s feature idea…

PS. Picture c/o this Flickr user.

  • I would like to see you blog more, you’re a crusty old veteran who has been prospecting these parts for many years and am sure have a few tales to tell.

  • Richard Kershaw says:

    Had a few good questions in the last few hours, so next 3x blog posts are taken care of.

    More questions = more blog posts!

  • Lammo says:

    lol, in fairness I nicked the idea from Kirsty in the first place – Sure beats thinking up topics for blog posts!

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