Five Steps to AdWords Nirvana

Search marketing (SEM) still feels like a dark art. Google are secretive about how bids are priced (cf. the AdWords’ Quality Score debacle), while Overture Yahoo Search Marketing is lumbered with an oblique editorial policy and a terrible interface (until Panama launches, at least).

That means it’s tricky for newbies to get started with pay per click (PPC) – and that’s before you’ve found the wealth of bad advice to contend with. Just Google ‘AdWords ebook‘ for countless fast ways to waste $100.

There is an easier way – just follow my five steps to AdWords nirvana:

  1. Start by reading How to Cheat Google Adwords Select, an introduction far better than the hysterical tabloid headline. (Update: Sitepoint have seen sense and changed the headline).
  2. Take Winning Results with Google AdWords as your bible. Tips on such a fast-moving sector date quickly, but Andrew Goodman’s bedrock advice is sound. It’s heavy on the history of PPC, so feel free to skip early chapters.
  3. Read every word of the AdWords library, Inside AdWords blog and AdWords Google Group.
  4. Join the outstanding WebmasterWorld AdWords forum for pay per click secrets from the finest minds in the industry, including Google’s very own AdWords Advisor. and Brad ‘eWhisper‘ Geddes
  5. Avoid any ebook pairing the phrase ‘Google AdWords’ with ‘instant wealth’, ‘make millions’ or ‘work from home’.

Finally, leave a comment and let me know how you get along.

  • I will work on trying to get through the items you list here – although it may take a few days *grins* I put up 5 quick Adwords tips on my site last week – a couple of guys I really respect told me there were a couple of tips there they hadn’t seen before. If your readers find them valuable, that would be great.

    Thanks for your straightforward style.

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