The #1 Reason I’ve Not Blogged for 2 Years

I’ve been busy. Who knew?

But since I’m snowed-in in Virginia, I decided to bring my blog back. One last job. So here are reasons #2-#26, with a quick run down of what I have been doing since 2011:

  1. Grafting full time on’s zombie madness
  2. Interviewing for Colombian radio on Romantic Breaks for Three
  3. …and making enemies in Downing Street.
  4. Spending time in Iceland, Tokyo, Dubai, Paris, Virginia, Vegas, Austin, Florida and New York, New York.
  5. Neglecting my Twitter account
  6. *Finally* learning to focus on fewer projects (inspired by Walter Isacson’s Steve Jobs biog)
  7. Closing a couple of nice domain sales ( and CPA
  8. Selling a $10 .ORG domain to a Vegas casino company… without sussing the buyer. Damn it!
  9. Contributing to the Flippa blog about promoting website auctions
  10. Attending South by South West, PubCon and Affiliate Summit East & West and TedX Paris
  11. Helping out on Gab Goldenberg’s Advanced SEO Book
  12. Turning gamekeeper, and launching an affiliate program
  13. Speaking at the ever-ace Think Visiblity on how to make the move from affiliate to merchant
  14. Thanking my lucky stars my deal to buy was gazumped before THE BAD STUFF
  15. Reading Ryan Holiday’s book, blog and Forbes column
  16. Laughing at fake Jeff Jarvis (background here)
  17. Joining ace General Assembly web talks & workshops in London and New York
  18. Winning a RealBusiness’ Future 50 award for British startups…
  19. …then discovering 30 minutes later they’d told the wrong company by mistake
  20. Obsessing over my new-favourite-tools/apps ChartBeat, Pocket App and Zite
  21. Reaching four hour work week goals five years late
  22. …with a little help from my Zirtual Virtual Assistant
  23. Filming zombies (what else) with YouTube superstar DevinSupertramp
  24. Telling anybody who’ll listen about the return of
  25. Being condemned by the Daily Mail and a local MP

That’s more or less it for now. More soon… Maybe.

PS. The new WP theme is by StudioPress, in case you’re wondering.


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