Search Marketing Talk: Go Join Already

Remember ThreadWatch?

Pre-Twitter, it was the daily destination for most SEOs & many webmasters for gossip, rumours & distration.

For younger readers: imagine a kind of Shangri-La where SEOs frollicked freely amongst Google employees.

Search quality engineers offered a discreet nod to go easy on the hypenated keyword domains, while the idea of a 140 character cap on intelligent conversation was still but a glint in Biz Stone’s eye.

I digress – owner Aaron Wall closed Threadwatch three years ago around the time that many of those conversations started to move to the 423,461 SEO blogs* that scientists estimate now exist.

But, fortunately, I’m not the only one who still misses Threadwatch, as Rob Kerry (née Evil Green Monkey) has half-inched the format and launched Search Marketing Talk.

The format is similar and a few of the usual suspects are popping up, too.

On a related note – Experienced People is a new forum about buying and selling websites.

The forum is run by Clinton Lee, AKA FruitMedley at SitePoint. Clinton is the man responsible for one of my all-time favourite articles on the art and science of buying websites: The Ultimate Website Valuation Guide.

Hope to see you at both sites.

* A made up statistic, obviously, but order of magnitude correct, surely?.

  • Clinton says:

    Thanks so much for the mention of our forums, Richard (and glad you liked the valuation article).

    There’s a lot to be said in favour or one or two SEO blogs with High Signal and Low Noise …over 423,461 noisy SEO blogs. There are one or two good ones about of course, but even the best ones get somewhat lost in the chatter.

    Thanks for the link to Rob’s site, I’ve bookmarked it to check out more thoroughly.

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