Top 10 Bible Reviews

A kick in the Testaments c/o Amazon’s reviews of the King James Bible.

  1. “Excellent Special FX throughout”
  2. “The best fantasy epic since Lord of the Rings”
  3. “There aren’t enough good fights”
  4. “Three stars, because the paper was too thin”
  5. “One of the most disjointed novels I’ve read in a long while”
  6. “Almost preachy in tone”
  7. “Good ending”
  8. “The Lord hath no scorn like the scorn reserved for one-star reviewers”
  9. “Who wrote this thing, Michael Moore?”
  10. “Definitely not his best work”

My more diligent readers may wish to read the reviews in full and post any more in the comments below. Bless you, Jeff Bezos.