Is This The World’s First Useful Twitterbot?

Answer: probably not. But I think our new bot is pretty damn cool, regardless.

Twitterbots let you perform ‘command line’-style operations in Twitter (just like in Unix or DOS). You typically send a message, and get back a response via direct message (DM) or an @reply with the information requested.

How to use the @WhoIsHosting bot? It’s simple.

Just send an @reply to @WhoIsHosting followed by a domain. A couple of minutes later, you’ll get a DM back with the answer and a link for more information.

Twitter @reply

If you don’t want to subject your followers to the lookup, you can send a DM to @WhoIsHosting instead using the same syntax (eg, DM WhoIsHosting Again, you’ll get a DM back pronto. It’ll look something like this…

Learn more over at the all-new Who Is Hosting This blog, or more on how to create your own over at Steve Poland’s blog.

  • kelvin says:

    A twitter tool that’s useful and might actually make the person behind it a little money…

    I bow down and salute you sir

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