We Buy Websites Under New Ownership

Last year, I setup a mailing list called We Buy Websites to help people buy/sell websites & domains away from the ‘usual suspect’ sites, like Flippa and Digital Point.

Alas, it took a back seat as other projects took off, so I didn’t give it the time it deserved.

A few months ago, I struck a deal to sell We Buy Websites and the mailing list to Farlex Inc.

Now you may not know the name, but Farlex publish some HUGELY popular sites that you’ve almost certainly used, such as TheFreeDictionary.com.

I’ve spoken at length with CEO Steve Boymel & know that that they will be turning We Buy Websites into everything I always planned to (but never got around to!).

Expect to see way more sites for sale, way more often. What’s not to like?

  • john says:

    There are a lot of opportunities now with older domains because of Googles page rank concerning new domains. Lots of old domains with good page rank expire every day.

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