BlogRush: Money for Nothing (and Your Clicks for Free)


Co-operative ad networks are nothing new. But find one that works for your niche, and you have a tremendous source of free, targeted and defensible traffic.

BlogRush gives the co-op ad network concept a Web 2.0 makeover. For those at the back of class, that means:

  • Groovy CamelCase brand name
  • Social media angle
  • No obvious revenue model*

(* Hoping Google, Yahoo, eBay or Amazon pony up pronto a la MyBlogLog doesn’t count).

Playground cynicism aside, BlogRush has some unique features. Like most co-op networks, your share of ad space is based on the amount of impressions your blogs ‘donate’.

But you can choose how you want to ‘spend’ your impressions, meaning a new blog can piggyback on the success of your other blogs. Publishers also get traffic bonuses for referring new bloggers, with referrals paid up to ten tiers deep.

BlogRush seems guaranteed a certain level of success thanks to early write-ups by ShoeMoney, John Chow, Andy Beal and friends.

I’m trying BlogRush out this month. If it sucks, you’ll be first to hear why. Want to try Blogrush yourself? Join BlogRush now.

Update: Apparently Blogrush expects to make money by selling additional exposure on their ad network.

Update: Blogrush sucks.

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