, the Bulk Backlink Checker

We built a bulk backlink checker for internal use back when none of the public backlink tools – Majestic SEO, Linkscape etc – did bulk lookups. Now that’s changed, our tool is public.

What bugs me about most backlink checkers is that you can only paste in a clean list of domains. I typically want to copy ‘n’ paste a whole page, extract any domains from the text then see at a glance which ones have backlinks.

Is the backlink data accurate? Nope. But good enough is good enough for most uses: picking 1-2 domains for closer inspection out of a list of 100s or 1000s. is merely a ready reckoner. It queries SEOMoz Linkscape Open Site Explorer and returns an estimate of how many unique backlinks a site has. If/when the data sucks, you know who to blame!

Try it yourself at

Be sure to check out SEO Gadget’s own Linkscape-powered Anchor Text Tool, too.


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