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Update: is now in the Sedo Premium Domain Auction. Bidding opens on 21st October & ends 28 October at 5pm GMT.

Looking for an awesome domain for your voucher code site?

I acquired some high-quality one-word domains, including, as part of a larger deal earlier this year.

After much thought, I’ve decided to focus on another project in 2011 & sell is currently for sale via Sedo.




Premium Domains for Voucher Code Sites

Obviously is enormously desirable as the domain for a voucher code site. The domain is memorable and meaningful, and keyword domain offer an ‘unfair advantage’ over competitors for branding, SEO, PPC & mobile media (more on that in another post).

I’m expecting plenty of interest for a couple of reasons.

#1. Every Good Voucher Domain Has Gone

They’re either in-use for an existing site or owned by domainers. Off the top of my head…

#2. Companies Called “Code… Ltd”

Companies House lists a couple of hundred Ltd companies called “Code… Ltd”. Around 170 have websites.

I’ve had two six offers so far, and at least one is from a business in this camp.

Guide Price

Sedo value at an estimated £18,000 (contact me if you’d like a copy of the appraisal). Recent sale prices for voucher code domains include… £100,000 Acorn Domains (Oct 2010) £22,500 (2010) $30,500 Nokta Domains
(June 2010) $59,000 Nokta Domains, (2010) $60,000 Private Sale (2008) $20,054 (2008) $17,600 Sedo (June 2010) $14,751 Sedo (2009)

How To Bid is currently for sale via Sedo. You’ll also find a link to the sale at:

I’ll be accepting offers until 15 October at 12 noon, when the best offer will be accepted subject to reserve being met. Of course, I reserve the right to end the sale early if I get a suitable offer earlier.

Bid early, bid often. Any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or via my contact form.

  • Ed Hall says:

    Yup, can see a lot of potential for the domain: running a merchant name as a subdomain for example.

    As someone who similarly owns a voucher URL ( that will probably go on sale sometime time I wish you the best and will await news of the high £xxxk’s sale!

  • Oliver Lewis says:

    Awesome domain. Perfect for a voucher code site, keyword-centric, can’t be misspelt and easy to remember = ridiculously radio-friendly!
    Good luck for the auction, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of interest.

  • Candy Man says:

    Hey Richard,

    Great work matey, hope you get a great price for it…

    Lets catch up soon,


  • Ben says:

    Good luck with the sale. Btw I think was sold via, not

  • Richard Kershaw says:

    Thanks Ben – corrected.

  • James says:

    Hi Richard,
    Just found your site whilst doing some research. The domain prices that you have listed in the table – where they for undeveloped domains? I’ve been sitting on for about 2 years and I’m not sure whether to develop it or sell.




  • Richard Kershaw says:

    Yes, for undeveloped domains. TLD is everything w/ domain sales, and domains are typically worth a fraction of domains (which are in turn typically worth far less than .COMs). Will drop you a line when I’m back in London re: your domain.

  • Felsty says:

    I run, which incidentally I was mortified to see that you had left off of your list. The peak and therefore premium value of voucher codes sites is arguably behind us, so if you’re getting good offers for, I would be tempted to think about them. The sale that surprised me was the 100k for Discountvouchers, but that turned out to be a defensive purchase by the owners of the version of that domain name.

    Good luck with the sale, though.


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