Wish.co.uk – My Ecommerce Site – Live…

Back in April, I bought the domain Wish.co.uk with a little help from Sedo.

The sale picked up a few mentions, and lots of people asked what my plans were. After four months hard graft, I can finally share them…

I’ve just launched an ecommerce business selling gift experiences called – three guesses? – Wish.co.uk (AKA WishCoUk Ltd).

Go take a look: Wish.co.uk

  • Michael says:

    Solid plan! Great domain and very fitting for the biz. Are you going to do any special promotion for it, or just seo?

  • That’s a HOT domian name, you scored! Plus the site looks really clean. I’m also curious how your traffic is coming along, if you don’t mind me asking…would love to hear some ninja tips 🙂

  • Richard Kershaw says:

    When I have a spare couple of hours I’ll do a blog post update on how Wish.co.uk is going.

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